The #1 Way to Get Clients in 2 Weeks or Less


The #1 Way to Get Clients in 2 Weeks or Less

Have you ever experienced this?  Your calendar is fully booked with clients, the money is flowing in, and you are super busy, but one day without much notice a couple of clients decide they no longer need your services.  Suddenly your business goes from doing well to struggling.

Or maybe you are just starting out as a personal chef, and you aren’t exactly sure where to find your first few clients so you can get your business off the ground fast.

What do you do in these instances?  You need to tap into a reliable way to find more clients to fill your open cook days as quickly as possible.  One of the best and quickest ways to get clients is to reach out to your warm connections.

And who are your warm connections?  Your warm connections are your friends, family, business acquaintances, service providers and past and present clients to name a few.  You want to reach out to anyone who already knows, likes, and trusts you.  Too often, however, we forget or are hesitant to take advantage of the relationships that are closest to us.

Don’t worry about feeling like you are selling because there is a way you can reach out to your warm connections without feeling like you are an icky and slick salesperson by following these simple steps:

Step 1:  Make a list of everyone you know along with their contact information.  Don’t leave anyone out.

Step 2:  Draft a letter to let your warm connections know about your business.  You want to inform them about what you are doing now if you are just starting out as a personal chef or share with them something new about your services if you have been in business for a while.  This letter should be informative and friendly.  This is not a sales letter.

Step 3:  Write a short, handwritten note at the top of your letter to personalize it if you’d like.

Step 4:  Send out 10 or more letters a week and follow-up by phone a week later to invite your warm connections to meet for breakfast, lunch or tea so the two of you can catch up.  You can also catch up by phone.

Step 5:  During your in-person or phone meeting you want to ask your contacts about what’s happening in their lives, but you also want to tell them more about your personal chef business and who your ideal clients are.  Be sure to ask them if they know of anyone who fits your ideal client profile who might also need your services.

This client attraction approach works well because personal chefs often get their clients through word of mouth, and the people who are doing the word of mouth are usually warm connections.  For instance, when I think of the personal chefs with whom I have worked, their clients have come from such warm connections as their doctor, past clients, and former colleagues from previous jobs.

What I love about this approach is the fact that you can get another client extremely fast.  Remember, the people who are closest to you and who know you the best are usually the ones who are the most excited to help you so don’t forget to let them know what you are up to and ask for their support!

Sändra Hoedemaker founder of Chef in Demand helps personal chefs keep their calendars fully booked with ideal clients so they can break the pattern of feast or famine in their businesses.  When she’s not helping personal chefs succeed, she is spending time with her husband in their organic vegetable garden and cooking up a storm.

Sändra is the creator of  “5 Secrets to Keep Your Calendar Fully Booked” a free audio e-course training series to help personal chefs market well, get known and attract more ideal clients with ease.  To sign-up for your free training visit

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