Top 5 Tips to Get Clients from Your Newsletter


Top 5 Tips to Get Clients from Your Newsletter

Let’s face it.  Publishing a newsletter takes time out of your already busy day so it better be worth your while.  You don’t want to feel as if the information you share and your articles are simply going into a big, black hole and getting you no positive results in terms of business growth or even feedback.  What’s the point of all your efforts if that happens?  You might as well be spending your time on something more productive.

But writing for your newsletter can be a great way to build relationships and grow your business over time.

Just think.  What do you currently do with all the names and contact information you gather as you meet people and network?  Hopefully, you at least follow up with your hottest leads within 24 hours of meeting them, but what do you do with the contact information you have gathered after that?  Do you just file it away somewhere in your office and rarely if ever pull it out again?

Writing a newsletter is an effective way to stay in touch with the people you meet so you can continue to build relationships with them, offer valuable information and keep them apprised of upcoming cooking events, special offers, and other news about your business.  Remember, many personal chefs get most of their business from what I call warm connections or people who know like and trust them.  By writing a newsletter you are turning cold connections into the warm connections who will want and use your services.

There are, however, certain things you must do to ensure that your newsletter builds community and brings more business your way.   Check out the following top tips to create a client-attracting newsletter that rocks!

Tip #1:  Craft Attention-Grabbing Email Subject Lines and Headlines

If no one opens your email or reads your newsletter because the email subject lines or newsletter article headlines are boring and irrelevant, your efforts to communicate through writing are for naught.  You must grab your audience’s attention right from the start or they will never read what you wrote.

Tip #2:  Choose Topics Your Audience Cares About Deeply

Most of us are bombarded with information and feel overwhelmed by it all.  The only way your newsletter will be read is if the topic is highly relevant to your audience.  To know what your audience wants to hear about, you need to know your audience intimately.  What are the struggles you can help them solve?  What key information is most meaningfully to them?

Tip #3:  Design for Readability

Be sure to include a lot of white space when you write.  Keep paragraphs short and no more than 7 lines.  The occasional paragraph with a single sentence is fine even though we were taught that this isn’t correct from an English writing perspective.  Use bullets, numbered lists, and headers.  All of these things will make it easier to scan your newsletter so people get the key points quickly and easily.

Tip #4:  Publish Frequently and Consistently

Determine your newsletter publishing schedule and stick to it.  Based on what has worked for me, publishing once a month is not enough.  Too much time goes by, and you will lose the feeling of connection with your readers.  In my opinion, twice per month is the minimum to keep your audience engaged.

Tip #5:  Include a Call to Action

Don’t be shy.  In addition to sharing valuable information with your newsletter readers, always invite them to take some kind of action with you.  You can invite them to any of a number of things including a cooking class, phone consultation, farm-to-table dinner, or talk and tasting to name a few things.  You can also invite them to register for a for-pay service like a romantic dinner for two.  Ideally, include a link in your newsletter so they can register and pay for everything online right then and there.


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